Useful Resources

Communal Repairs

Emergency Repairs

Call 0800 952 4444

If you have a leak from a neighbouring property, choose option one for repairs, then option three for leaks from above.

Non-emergency Repairs

Log a request online via Southwark’s website. Residents can also email in repair requests (with photos where appropriate) to

Monthly estate inspection walkabouts

Members of the Committee attend Southwark’s monthly estate inspection walkabouts. If you have an issue or concern about maintenance of the building that you’d like the Committee to raise, please let us know by email at

Southwark Council Contacts

Resident Services Officer (Penton Place, Peacock Street, Iliffe Street, Crampton Street)
Ayat Mahmoud  
020 7525 1346

Resident Services Officer (Amelia Street)
Hannah Ndungu

Communal Repairs Technical Officer
Marie Osborn
020 7525 2013

Communal Repairs Manager
Jermaine Fevrius
020 7525 1256

Capital Works Service Charge Officer
Nicolette Dundas
020 7525 1440

Service Charge Manager
Carla Blair
020 7525 7450

Ward Councillors

Ward Councillors are elected representatives of the area and the people who live in it. They have a responsibility to communicate council policies and decisions, and are often helpful should you need to escalate an issue with staff at Southwark Council.

Search the Southwark Council website to find out who your Ward Councillors are.

Antisocial and threatening behaviour

You have the right to live peacefully in your home. Report antisocial behaviour to Southwark Council.

We also urge you to report fly-tipping, graffiti, and damaged pavements or street lighting using Southwark Council’s online forms.

The Southwark Anti Social Behaviour Unit (SASBU) have an officer assigned to the estate, who should be contacted following persistent antisocial behaviour:

SASBU Officer
Kentura Dundas

Leasehold concerns

The Leasehold Advisory Service is a Government-funded independent advice for residential leaseholders. Their website contains answers to many common questions and offer free 15-minute phone consultations with legal experts if you have a concern you need advice on.

Pullens Estate TRA
184 Crampton Street
London SE17 3AE

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