Safeguarding Policy

Our safeguarding policy promotes the safety, well-being, and rights of individuals within our community.

Code of Conduct

It shall be a condition of membership of the TRA that members always conduct themselves in a reasonable manner and in compliance with the Constitution.

At meetings, events, and when working on behalf of the TRA, both the Committee and members are expected to:

  • Treat other participants with courtesy and respect;
  • Be sensitive to the needs of those participants who are not used to speaking in public, or whose first language is not English;
  • Conduct themselves in a way that does not cause offence to others or limits in any way others’ ability to participate in meetings;
  • Not engage in any activities which create a conflict of interest, or might appear to conflict with, their responsibilities or obligations to the Association.

Data Protection Policy

The data we collect

The Pullens TRA may from time to time use your personal information in order to undertake its business.

Personal data is any information which identifies or relates directly or indirectly to a living person. This may include:

  • names
  • dates of birth/ages
  • postal/email addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • ID reference numbers (such as a Council Tax number or service charge account number)

We do not collect personal data by placing ‘Cookies’ on your device when you access this website. Instead, we use a cookie-free and privacy-friendly analytics service. No tracking consent is needed for this as the process does not collect any personal information.

How we hold and secure your data

The TRA will always process and hold your data (both digitally and on paper) in secure ways.

We will ensure that we protect your data through:

  • only giving access to people you have authorised to see your data
  • using secure systems that are protected by passwords
  • regularly reviewing our data handling procedures
  • training the Committee in data protection and information governance

If you are concerned about how your personal information is being handled, contact the Committee by email contact@pullenstra.org or post to:

Pullens Centre
184 Crampton Street
SE17 3AE

What we do with your data

We will only use your data in ways that you consent to, and only when necessary. You may consent when you:

  • Register to receive our email newsletter;
  • Make a booking to hire the Pullens Centre;
  • Ask us to contact us others on your behalf in relation to an issue.

We will use your personal information with respect and diligence.

Complaints Procedure


We value all comments and compliments and take all complaints seriously.

If you have a concern, you are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible so that we can act to resolve any issues efficiently.

We hope that most concerns will be able to be resolved quickly and informally but where this is not possible or where your complaint is of a more serious nature we have a clear and transparent procedure for you to follow.

All comments and complaints will be treated with respect and with the utmost confidentiality.

How to Complain

  • You can send an email to contact@pullenstra.org
  • You can write to: Chairperson, Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3AE. Please mark the letter “Feedback” or “Complaint”.

The Sort of Things That Might Cause You to Complain

You can complain if you think that:

  • we have not treated you fairly or have discriminated against you;
  • we have not represented your issues or concerns in a fair and objective manner;
  • you are local resident / tenant and have concerns about noise or the behaviour of users of the Pullens Centre;
  • you have seen discriminatory or prejudiced behaviour by a member of the TRA Committee;
  • we have put the health and safety of an individual at risk or in danger;
  • poor administration has occurred, such as we have failed to follow our procedures, made serious errors or caused serious delay;
  • we have given you incorrect information or guidance which has had a serious impact on you;
  • we have not treated you with politeness and respect.

How We Will Deal With Your Complaint

In the first instance, an Officer of the Committee will investigate the matter.

Within three working days of receiving your complaint we will write to you to say that we have received it. We will tell you how we intend to deal with your complaint and who from the Committee will be dealing with it and provide their contact details.

We will let you know when you can expect a reply from them which will normally be within ten working days of receipt of the complaint. If for any reason we are not able to respond fully within this time frame we will say why this is so and give a date by which you will hear from us.

Complaints may be brought within six months following the grounds upon which the cause for the complaint first arose.

If You Are Not Satisfied With the Response

If you are not satisfied with our response you may request that the matter be referred to a different Officer of the Committee. If your complaint is about an Officer or you are not satisfied by the decision, the complaint can be referred to an appropriate representative of Southwark Council:

For matters relating to the operations of the TRA

Resident Involvement Officer
Rubeena Amanullah

For matters relating to running of the Pullens Centre

Surveyor, Environment, Neighbourhoods & Growth Department
Leighton McDonnell

Pullens Estate TRA
184 Crampton Street
London SE17 3AE

With thanks to United St Saviour’s Charity