Pullens TRA Committee News, June 2023

The Pullens TRA Committee met again this week and approved the minutes of the meeting of
Monday, 15 May 2023.

Following up on concerns raised at the AGM, the following significant issues for the Pullens community are among the items already established on each committee meeting agenda:

  • Major Works (perpetrated by Southwark Council);
  • Pullens Centre (activities and refurbishment);
  • Planning Applications in the neighbourhood;
  • Gas Works (on Amelia and Crampton Streets);
  • Estate Maintenance (cleaning, bins, gardening, park status, etc.);
  • Southwark’s (outstanding and unfathomable) Billing for previous Major Works; and
  • Estate Security (anti-social behaviour, drug use and other quality of life issues affecting Pullens estate residents).

TRA Committee meetings are NOT closed meetings; anybody living on the Pullens estate can come to a meeting to raise an issue or question for the committee to work on or to contribute information or opinion concerning an existing issue. We do ask, however, that if you wish to introduce a new issue that you please send an email to contact@pullenstra.org with the subject line ‘Committee Issue’. The secretary and chair can then add that new issue to the meeting agenda and let you know roughly when the issue of your concern will come up in the next meeting.

The next 2 TRA Committee meetings will take place in the Pullens Centre from 7 PM to 9PM on Mondays, 10 July and 11 September 2023. (No meeting in August.)

A semi-annual Pullens TRA General Meeting, to which all residents and tenants are invited, is planned for Monday, 16 October 2023.