Easter Friday in the Pullens Gardens

easter in the park

Many, many thanks to all who helped put this event on and helped making it such a success, in particular:

•Southwark council, our Councillors and Pauline Bonner for founding and support with our community projects

•Nat Stevens for making sure park was spotless on a day and making sure we are having cleaning lady on a day supervising

•Ana Seferovic for building a community poem, help with Easter adventure drawing competition and help with everything on a day

•Diana Cochrane and Vince Brown for help with whole production and advertising

•For help setting up and taking down:
Liz Cook
Paul O’Connor
Tobi Brundin
Leonardo Clausi

• Gabriele Tosti for delicious Italian food and Music on a day

•Bee Urban: Lesley and Barnaby for doing such a wonderful workshop with kids

•Vauxhall city farm, Michelle Frank and team for being so lovely with kids and showing them patiently the animals

•Sanda Kolar for filming

•Georgina Chimarrides and her colleague from Soundings for bringing closer to community plans about Elephant and Castle regeneration + providing a play area for kids

•Simon Rosselli for the fun magic show

•Sophie Simpson for being a fantastic bunny

•Ella for help setting up Egg hunt

•Mum’s club for showing up in full numbers!

•Crampton Primary School and Keyworth After School Club for help promoting the event

•Pullens TRA for the support with this project and also putting the extra funds towards the loo hire

•A1 loo hire company

•All the local neighbourhood Groups who helped us promote this event and who came on a day to party with us!

•And of course to everyone else who came on a day and made this event so special!
Many, many thanks all!



Community poem (each sentence written by different individuals)



Lots of happy children
Is there a water? Solar reflectors or how about green house?
Evrithins in this park is asome
I love to smell the blossom
Wish to be like this every day
Put new playground for even more fun play
Remember burning Poll Tax forms on Pullens Green!? 🙂
In my head I was born in Amelia St 104 the Pullens. My dad called me 10.4
This park is nice
You can come more than twice
Magical day in the park!!
Dark rain, dark leaves, dark drips into misty beer cans (Polish brand) then spring comes (remove pooh with plastic bag)
I love furry rabbits and guinea pigs going ‘Eek eek’