Christmas on Pullens ~ 2014

Video can now be seen on Pullens Vimeo page here:


The Pullens estate is a collection of residential flats and workshops built around cobbled courtyards in the 1880s by Mr. Pullen. About 50% of the flats are council and the other are privately owned. We have a vibrant Tenants and Residents Association who hold regular meetings and organise community events; This is about Pullens Christmas 2014.
The Kids’ Gardening Club made terrariums and were entertained by harpist Tara in the Pullens Centre. Children and parents have been encouraged to say what they want to see in the new park and hung their wishes on the tree.
During the 1980s one of the pullens buildings was demolished and the site became a waste land. Local residents worked hard with the council and we got a lovely Victorian Park, but now it needs taking into the C21st. The council have secured funding for an upgrade and are consulting with the TRA on the new Pullens Gardens. A lively debate.
The studios open their doors to the public on 2 weekends in the year (in June and December) when we get a chance to see the huge variety of activities that take place behind the iron gates: artists, potters, florists, dressmakers, lute makers, metal workers, jewellers, etc.
We are lucky to have rooms in one of the workshops for the Pullens Centre which is rented out for events. The adults’ and kids’ gardening club held a social to thank members for giving their time voluntarily to looking after our environment.

Many thanks to everyone who came on the day, and who helped put this event on!

Special thanks to: Vince, Diana, Liz and Paul.