Easter Fun Fair ~ Friday 18th April 2014 ~ Pullens Gardens

Easter FINAL!

Event was a great success!!!




Park was really well cleaned before the event –  Big thanks to Southwark Council for their help on this!

Park was well decorated with thanks to Amanda, Linda and local residents who came to give us their hand, lend us their fishing rods!

We had great music to carry all off!

There was variety of workshops to do:

Weaving Den had great play and dress area for kids where they made some fantastic rabbit ears

Doug’s juggling was great interactive activity for little ones as much as the big ones

Sensory Treasure Trail got kids and parents well engaged by their secret clues,,, kids and parents were making daisy chains, enjoying sensory chill out zone, experimenting bare feet camomile relaxation…

Bee Urban made bee wax rolling candles and little bees with kids

Vauxhall City farm brought delightful little animals and children had opportunity to stroke them and feed them

Rabbit lady managed to charm all the kids on the Egg hunt

Diana made lots of lovely brownies that we shared with everyone

There was stalls selling some lovely crafty staff, Cucina Sociale made some delicious food

Our First Aider Bolto made sure everyone is ok


…Smiles all round…


IMG_4669 IMG_4662 IMG_4671 IMG_4667





We left the park clean as we found.

Many thanks to everyone who came and supported our event, volunteers on a day – Vince, Liz, Austin and Angela, Pullens TRA for their support, Iliffe Yard Association and Jan for letting us using their loo’s and  Southwark Council for their help with cleaning and beautifying the park and of course for the funding!

We hope to see park staying clean and used more by local residents!


Thank you 🙂