Pullens Mum’s/Fun Gardening Club ~ Pizza workshop and Puppet show!

Pullens Mum’s/Fun Gardening ClubPizza workshop incollaboration with Cucina Sociale
@ the Pullens Centre
-Event started by introduction, welcoming all and pointing out H&S (after which everyone washed their hands )
-variety of ingredients were laid on the table and kids had opportunity to smell and taste some ingredients + there was brief talk about healthy eating
-children were given small piece of freshly made dough and were shown the best way to work with it
-children have been asked to create/ decorate pizza’s as funny faces which went down extremely well. This way everyone recognised their pizzas
-many children were brave to try new ingredients which they previously did not eat (especially mushrooms and olives)
-many parents have tried to create funny pizzas too
-pizza eating was great: everyone really enjoyed eating their own pizzas and were very pleased with taste
-children were given “draw your own pizza” sheets and were encouraged to design fun looking pizzas
-children were given piece of (seasonal) fruit as deserts
-as pizza making is extremely dirty we had 2 people on board helping with cleaning everything to make sure we left place as clean as we found.
Aim of the event: appreciating food, learning new skills (in a fun way), socialising
Total kids attended: 20
Total adults attended: 18
Can you spot the pizza in pix bellow?
…and after we finished eating our delicious pizzas we we went downstairs to watch puppetry show by Magic Book theatre”Little Paper Girl”
Little girl is made out of recycled paper. In her town everything  is grey -big smoke is polluting the city-what can little girl do about it? How can she save her city from pollution?
Maybe spider with magic web could help?
With hard blowing kids helped blow the smoke away!!
It was fab to meet some puppets too!
What a fantastic puppetry show including table top and shadow puppets! Lots if participation from kids and parents! Lovely music to carry all off! Story itself very eco educational. Awareness of recycling and clean green spaces. Inspirational. Fun!
Total kids attended: 24
Total adults attended: 20
Positive comments included:
What a  lovely day!  It was great thanks to u and Cucina Sociale

Many thanks for the pics and the gig yesterday.  Glad the day was a success.
It was a great event!
Thank you for a lovely day! 
Our next event is planed for April 18th ~ Easter egg hunt in Pullens Park. We are extremely pleased that we can stage another event in the park itself!
We are grateful to Southwark Council and our local councilors for help and support with our projects. Thank you!
 Pullens Mum’s/Fun Gardening Club