Public realm project 4: outside electric elephant

The fourth in the series of public realm projects to be built around the Pullens is going to be implemented this summer.

We have been told that it will be finished before September 2013, with two new trees planted at the end of the project.

This project was designed as part of the Ameliorating Amelia Street project instigated in 2008. Extensive consultation was carried out as part of the design phase – so the latest information we have received is all about how it is going to be built.

Southwark Council’s drawing of the build-out  is below. We hope it will slow traffic around the Amelia St/ Crampton St junction, add a seating space for more people outside the cafe, add greenery to the street via planters and new trees.

And we made a quick sketch to try to interpretate this working drawing  – the sketch is not very accurate – but should give you the general idea. A number of additional mow level planers have been added since we did this sketch and some bicycle parking outside the TRA Centre. We have been asked to chose what trees we want – from an approved street tree produced by Southwark Council.

cafe 2 copy Crampton St Build out with planters

cafe 2 copy