Minutes from AGM on 13th October 2012



Vince Brown Mick Larkin Simon Hiscock Russell Cronin

Linda Bailey Dianna Cochrane Ginny Stuart Nicky Denton

Sarah Timewell Tony Hursit Arlette T? Maria Tosti

Tom Nelson Matthew Doyle Joseph Walsh Dylan Atkins

Katherine Hardy


1) Welcome and introductions

The Chair, Vince Brown, welcomed everyone to the meeting. He introduced himself and the Treasurer Mick Larkin and two people from Southwark Council – Bukky Jackson (Tenants Liaison Officer) and Anthony Shaw (Satellites).


2) Pullens Cabling

The first part of the meeting was a general discussion concerning the installation of a communal satellite system on the estate. In a question and answer session Anthony informed the meeting:

a) Letters to residents would go out next week detailing options for taking cables through flats.

b) Sockets would be fitted on the wall in either of the two back rooms then cabled to the current tv position.

c) Cables could be ducted under floorboards to the front room; however lifting the boards would be the resident’s responsibility: Anthony would confer with Avonline about installers helping where practicable.

d) If residents chose to keep their current satellite dish and this is visible from the street residents may be required by Southwark to move these at some later date at their own expense. Anthony agreed to confer with Avonline as whether they could move such satellite dishes for free during the installation.

e) So far there had been only one enquiry about keeping a dish pointing at a foreign language satellite. If there is enough demand to warrant it a second communal dish could be fitted to provide foreign language channels and Anthony would confer with Avonline about judging demand.

f) The question of the leaseholder’s communal aerial charge of £10 was raised, this is currently waived. Anthony reported that there would be no installation or maintenance charges as a result of the installation, but would check on the communal aerial charge.

g) A resident reported that they had tried to contact Avonline on the number given in an earlier letter, but had not been able to get through. Anthony would check up on this.

h) Anthony reported that there was no rush to complete the installation process, three letters would be sent to residents over the next few months and the priority was meeting resident’s needs.


3) Chair’s report

The Chair presented a written report. He also thanked Mick and Tom for producing the latest edition of Pullens News. There were no questions.


4) Treasurer’s report

Mick Larkin presented his report. The balance is looking quite healthy as there is more than £5,000 in the account. Income from hire of the Centre has improved since the refurbishment. The meeting agreed to receive the report and accounts.


5) Election of officers

The Tenant’s Liaison Officer Bukky Jackson took over the meeting at this stage of proceedings, to oversee election of the Chair. She thanked the existing Chair for all his hard work.


a) Vince Brown was re-elected as Chair, nominated by Linda Bailey and seconded by Ginny Stuart.


Vince Brown then oversaw the remaining elections as follows:


b) Vice-Chair Linda Bailey, nominated by Vince Brown and seconded by Mick Larkin.

Secretary Matthew Doyle, nominated by Linda Bailey, seconded by Sarah Timewell.

Treasurer Mick Larkin, nominated by Dianna Cochrane, seconded by Matthew Doyle.


c) Committee members agreed: Dylan Atkins, Simon Hiscock, Dianna Cochrane


d) Representation to other bodies :

SGTO – Vince Brown. Neighbourhood Housing Forum – Mick Larkin. E&C Regeneration Forum – Dianna Cochrane. Police – Jean Walworth Society – Dianna Cochrane. There were no nominations to the Cleaning Meeting.


e) Auditors

It was agreed to reappoint June Mowatt the Independent Auditor for 2012/13.


f) Signatory to cheques

To remain as Mick Larkin, Simon Hiscock, Matthew Doyle, Mike Patterson.


6) Minutes of 2011 AGM 17/5/2011

Agreed as a correct record. There were no matters arising.



Pullens TRA General Meeting minutes 13/10/12 


1) Minutes of last general TRA Meeting 24/7/2012

These were agreed as a correct record. There were no matters arising


2) Autumn Event

Maria Tosti and Ginny Stuart updated the meeting on plans for the event on 10th November, 10.30 to 3.30. The event will be in the Pullens Centre. It was decided not to use Pullens Park on this occasion; however there was a discussion about using it more in future. Dylan Atkins volunteered use of a tannoy.

Action: Ginny and Mick to have further discussion re insurance cover for the event.


3) Other business

The Chair raised 7 items.

  1. There are ongoing discussions re use of the remaining Section 106 money.
  2. The Website has been set up.
  3. The next meeting of the Pullens Gardening Club is 27/10/12.
  4. The ground floor and the exterior of the Centre are going to be redecorated imminently.
  5. At the last General Meeting the meeting endorsed a new Adult and Children Safeguarding Policy. However the meeting was inquorate, and the Chair asked if the meeting today could formally vote to adopt the policy. This was agreed.
  6. The Chair reminded the meeting that there was another TUC day of action against the cuts next Saturday 20th October. There was a ‘feeder’ march organised by Southwark Trades Union Council starting at 10.30 at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park (near Imperial War museum).
  7. The issue of the Creche was discussed. It was agreed that this would be organised for future AGMs despite poor uptake. However for the General Meetings, people wanting a Creche facility would be asked to contact the TRA Committee to ask for this to be arranged.


4) Any Other Business

  1. Mick Larkin said there was a new planning application for the Heygate. This one did not contain recommendations for affordable housing as per the Southwark Plan. The meeting agreed that the TRA should object to the plans.
  2. Someone? asked about the ongoing discussions for entry doors. The Chair told the meeting that plans for the doors and fire regulations meant that if doors were to be installed the pavements would need to be widened and the costs associated with this would be considerable. These costs would be passed on to leaseholders. Because this is not a simple job should the TRA wish to pursue the plans then they will need to be part of the 7 year cycle of estate refurbishment.



5) Date of next meeting

To be set.