Minutes from GM on 2nd May 2012

Present: Vince Brown (Chair) , Mick Larkin, Laurence Rugg, Veronica Todisco, Diana Cochrane, Paul O’Connor, Isabel Wreford, Tony Bourne, Kevin Enright, Miriam Jones, Steve Cook, Peter Wilkinson, James Wilcox.   Guests: Leon Williams (Southwark Cleaning Dept) Councillor Catherine Bowman.   Apologies:   Leon Williams (Southwark Cleaning Dept) spoke to the meeting.   There are four… Read more »

Minutes from GM on 20th February 2012

  Apologies: Ginny Stuart, Angela Lucas, Mathew Doyle, Miriam Jones, Linda Bailey.   Estate and local security   Local security: Ward councillor, Patrick Diamond, and PC Michael Lula addressed the meeting on issues of local and estate security.   Patrick Diamond offered to press council officers to urgently fix the new street lighting in peacock… Read more »

Minutes from GM on 28th June 2011

Pullens TRA – Minutes – General Meeting 28 June 2011 1,Apologies for absence – Al Hayes 2,Attendance – Vince Brown, Mick Larkin, Linda Bailey, Keisha Johnson, Angela Lucas, Simon Hiscock, Tom Nelson, Andy Scott, Cath Bradley, Mark Frith, Bill Stewart, Jemma Tibbals, Gabrielle Tosti, Dylan Atkins, Mari Tosti, Chris Heighes, Sarah Timewell, Richard Hoey, Peter Wilkinson, Steve… Read more »